Ramblings of an overcaffinated schizophrenic.

Behold, it is I, Isoyar. I don’t mean to be pretentious, but as we all know, I am indeed the best human being ever to exist. Anyway, a legend has been born. This, friends, is my Love Shack. No loving actually occurs in this shack. While you may find this to be disappointing, I ask … Continue reading

Oh, no, did someone hurt your feelings? You want them to have legal repercussions? For hurting your feelings? FUCK YYYOUUUU

These people. These fucking people. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. That guy, who if you ever say “haha, you’re a tard” after he trips over his own foot, he’ll be filled with indignant, pointless rage and want to sue you. That guy will actually want to fucking sue you, oh yes. Threaten someone … Continue reading


Due to the fact that I am a pretentious asshole, and that I am also incredibly bored, I’ve always thought of perhaps spending an hour or two just typing some rambles. Every day. And, after a few months, or maybe even a year, try and get it published. Not for any good reason, but because … Continue reading

Sellout or Survival

Guess who’s back? Alright. I’ve got some more shit to complain about. Brace yourselves!   I’m sick and fucking tired of all these little shits constantly complaining about people ‘selling out’ if they ever bother to endorse anything or advertise anything in any way shape or form, regardless of whether or not said endorsements or … Continue reading