Excuse me, good sir, what have you proclaimed is beyond my understanding.

I say, what the devil did you just audaciously proclaim about my well-being, you trollop? I shall inform you that I have graduated top of my class at the Gentleman’s Academy of Sophisticated Persons, and have been involved in numerous endeavors with the Ruffians down the street from my abode; might I also add that … Continue reading

The Return of Fuckshit

  Guess who’s back. Back again. Isoya’s back. TELL YO FREN. awdasdwasd Greetings, you little chunks of carbon, despite there only being maybe 6-7 people that actually read this shit. I’ve got something else to complain about today! I’ll start with a little thing I say when I am hurt, pissed off, or whatever, and … Continue reading

The Wuss Homeworld

When I was younger, maybe about 8 or 9, I was under the impression that as the world went on, things would become more and more depraved, but in a good way. We’d be having gigantic orgies in the middle of highways, people would be streaking through cities repeatedly firing rifles into the air. I … Continue reading