Oh, no, did someone hurt your feelings? You want them to have legal repercussions? For hurting your feelings? FUCK YYYOUUUU

These people.

These fucking people. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. That guy, who if you ever say “haha, you’re a tard” after he trips over his own foot, he’ll be filled with indignant, pointless rage and want to sue you. That guy will actually want to fucking sue you, oh yes.

Threaten someone over a video game? Get sued!

Point out that someone’s fat?


Now, I don’t even live in the “good ol’ U S of A” where this shit seems to happen most anymore, and because of that, I want YOU, yes, YOU, to give me more examples of these things and maybe elaborate why this is even exists in the murrican ideasphere, why people feel so fucking important that they should never have their feelings hurt or their ideals criticized by anyone ever.

Except… that’s kind of pointless because nobody reads this shit, so yeah..

Do it anyway, though.

I don’t even


Starving Kenyan children = BEAUTIFUL!


So, I’ve taken issue with yet another pointless so called “issue”.

You know how there’s these people who have the idea that everyone is beautiful? These people who think they’re these mega-righteous moral crusaders and think that everyone is and everything is awesome and beautiful?

Allow me to show you. Image


Consider this, people.


Imagine in your mind, an extremely morbidly obese guy, around 600 pounds, spying on children at a playground, behind a tree. His torn wifebeater is covered in the juices of everything he’s drank and eaten in the past 6 months.

His face looks like a glob of acne and zits with a head attached to it. He licks his lips in anticipation and tosses out some candy, but then suddenly, this ‘beautiful’ guy gets a heart attack and makes the most terrifying noises possible.

Isn’t that beautiful?


Imagine a group of starving Kenyan children with guns to their heads, being screamed at to pick some tea leaves so slave drivers can get paid a few pennies to sell them to rich American slave drivers that get paid a few million.

Isn’t that beautiful?


Imagine a mutilated walrus floating in a pool of shit and piss while barfing up half digested infants.

Isn’t that





My point is, quit lying to yourselves so you can look like nice people. You fucking aren’t.

Stop it.